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Annemarie Snoeck, Life Coach

Annemarie SnoeckAs a coach, I facilitate individuals, teams and organizations in finding their own essence.

I stimulate people to look behind forms and facts. With me, people experience a safe and open space, allowing them to discover their essential energy and new possibilities on their life path.

Coach Practice – “In de Stroom” (In the Stream)

If you visualize your life as a flowing stream, sooner or later you encounter a big obstacle. Things don’t work anymore - you're stuck and the water flows fast past you. When I coach, I support you to get back to your creative flow, so you can become aware of your inner-self again. Slowly, but surely you feel your energy flowing back in and after you have made some steps, your life becomes meaningful again.

In practice

Know-how and inspiration I derive from the variety of projects and collaborations, and I share these experiences with everyone, who is open to listen, learn or experience.

I am oriented towards objectives and solutions, with a major commitment to people and organizations.

My approach can be recognized as a combination of calmness and decisiveness, sensitivity and thoroughness.

I facilitate people, both in Dutch and English.


  • Facilitator at several Coach Trainings - at MMS Transformational Life Coaching
  • Affiliate Trainer Lumina Spark (behavioral preferences and personality), Lumina Leader (leadership and 360), Lumina Sales (sales and business) and Lumina Life (vitality and positive health).
  • Trainer at “De Begrips Code” (interaction and communication styles)
  • Intuitive courses at the Centre for Life and Intuition (CLI in Utrecht)
  • Trained in Archetypal Essences
  • 15 years of experience in (direct) marketing & communications
  • Since 1996, self-employed at Snoeck Management Services BV

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