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Haiko Krumm, VP Professional Services , InSided

Leadership coaching by Han was very valuable. Han has a great combination of coaching skills and leadership experience, which makes his coaching and feedback spot on and actionable. My biggest learning: to be able to really observe, learn about the needs and develop a team I first have to destress and listen to my own feelings. Thank you Han!

Job Thewissen, Business Consultant (HR-IT), ATOS Consulting

Han has supported me greatly in enhancing my personal development and effectivity as a human being and a consultant. By mirroring and stimulating me to reflect on my own behaviour. He has helped me , to make clear, what I actually already was aware I felt, and thus make my personal growth possible.

Joep Roijers, Procurement Accountmanager, ASML

After being pretty much totally lost, with his mirror Han de Ronde helped me to get back on track in both my personal as well as professional life.
During my sessions the balance between his patience and commitment was greatly encouraging me to look at myself, my environment and of course the interaction between them. Although sometimes very confronting, every time I was looking forward to the next session. With his wide experience (technical, commercial, management, multi-cultural), he could join me in rediscovering and sharpening of myself. He helped me to open my eyes and ears, and become more aware on the effectiveness of my own communication.

You never know what to expect from coaching, but if you want to make the best out of yourself then I am sure Han will be able to help you.

Han, thanks!

Ruben Tibben, Sales Manager Anteryon BV

"The right questions of Han make you think about one's own reactions and train of thought in certain situations. This reflection has supported me in overcoming my pitfalls. In this way I am functioning better and continue to develop myself."

Michael Boot, Directeur techno -spin off Progression - Industry BV

"By regularly confronting us with our mistakes and inexperience, Han de Ronde was very efficient in improving our commercial skills in just a couple of short sessions."

Han Huijsmans, Program Manager ATOS

In January 2012 I was searching for a next step in my career. But I did not know which way to go. Now, October 2012, I have an assignment that for 98% matches my ideal position, in this time of my career. How?
Han's approach is a personalized mixture of coaching expertise and best practices from his career in several management positions. The combination of listening, questioning and sharing experiences with me, added value to our sessions.

Of course I had to experience and explore. As the coachee I was in control of what to tell or not. Nevertheless Han managed to peel the onion so to speak. Our coaching sessions changed my way of thinking, especially in stressful situations. Per session I felt more and more encouraged to explore, trust on my strengths and focus on my developments. Soon I noticed results in both business and non-business situations & relationships. Theory, books and advice all tell the same story: your observations are based on your own point of view. Han made me experience it.

While being coached by Han (not only in sessions, but also in phone calls and e-mail correspondence) I learned by experience, that it feels great and energizes me, to enjoy compliments – both receiving and giving. Exploring the compliment made me better understand it, believe it. Focusing on my development areas, made me step out of my comfort zone.This enabled me to built new, special relationships, based on genuine interest in person's life.

The biggest step out of my comfort zone, resulted in a wonderful opportunity, deal and my current assignment. My role as Program manager for APM Terminals, matches for 98% my "ideal next phase in my career"!
The coaching of Han empowered me to explore, experiment and trust on my strenghts.

Han Dohmen, Sales Director Sennheiser in de Benelux

"Han supported me to tune what I radiate via my body language to what I try to communicate verbally. Doing so, the message connects in a much more powerful sense, moreover one understand one's conversation partner better. Mainly in job application interviews this is of crucial importance. While performing so, Han acts from a sincere interest for me as a person and what motivates me, that makes working with Han a delightful and instructive experience."

John de Graaf, Sales Manager Delta Electronics Europe

"We have discussed many different aspects of the art of presenting during the coaching sessions, in such a way that I have learned more about myself and my audience. Han is capable of showing you your weak side in a professional way, and then to coach you in your development of communication with your target-group. Han helped me to create a more effective personal style of presenting, resulting in presentations to which the audience feels more connected to the subject."

Natasja van Dorth, Van Dorth Management Support

"Han has the ability to look at you and to feel what the issues are. By the way of asking questions, Han makes you think about issues bothering you and what you could do to improve these, without already suggesting a solution.
Han motivates one in one's own developments. After a session with Han I am always full of good ideas, which I would like to implement immediately."

Jörg Palm, Head of Demand & Programmes Management Vodafone, Germany

'"Han's questions help to focus your mind and make the necessary steps by yourself."

張 崑成 K.C. Chang, Business Unit Manager Delta Electronics, Taiwan

"In discussion with Han I developed a better understanding of what has driven me to make the direction in live that I have now chosen. It was challenging to have these discussions from different cultural and language backgrounds."

Teija Huhta, Demand - Supply Manager

"I was one of the pilot person to have personal coaching in our company. I did not know what the content would be and the possible result at the end, but I decided to go for it with open, listening and receiving mind. It took a few sessions for me to find my inner person and dialog with myself. I can say sincerely that I could not have achieved it alone, but with the great support and guidance from Han, I made it! I learned a lot about myself, found new ways of presenting myself and to analyze my own performance and how an audience would interpret me. Thank you Han!"

Rene Grim RB MBA, Director, RoderSana Holding BV

"Although I have already conducted many presentations and I am reasonably experienced in public speaking, I have decided to be coached by Han. Raised and formed in the "Powerpoint" age we have shared very intensive discussions about the authenticity of a presentation/presentator and how to connect to the audience. In short my way of communicating. Although the red thread in the sessions was effective presenting, we have together spoken about why I am not always successful to communicate in a good way with various target audiences. Why I am irritated by specific verbal and non-verbal communication and of course what I feel as comfortable to me and what is the root to all of this.
In brief terms a series of coaching sessions by Han runs much deeper than being to present effectively. He is confronting one in an unparalleled way with one's own personality and helps one understand, but above all by understanding develop oneself stronger in one's communication with other people. In this way one can achieve one's targets better and quicker and get around one's pitfalls."

Hannie Derks, Owner at Hanniebal Marketing & Research

"Han is a warm personality with a listening skill and a strong analytical ability. He raises the right questions and makes one look in one's own mirror clearly. He combines well and brings forward at the right moment his international working experience/knowledge of life and his theoretical professional knowledge. After only a few sessions he was able to put me on the right track to pull up the best in myself again."

Lucas den Boer, DNBN General Manager/Atos Principal Consultant

I have had the pleasure of having been coached by Han de Ronde in the first half of 2013. He has been able to unravel my personal dreams, ambiitions and goals. With a clear coachquestion he has succeeded to frame my enterprising drive and he has been able to let me answer my own questions. He was direct and confronting, and ensured in a clear way that I knew which actions I had to take. As a result of his coaching I experience more balance in the traingle " private-work-social value". Because he has worked in business at high level, he is a coach who is very suitable to deliver value as coach at CxO level.

Herman Hintzen, Managing Partner at HENQ Invest

During a series of coaching-sessions with Han I have obtained much insight in my own strenghts and weaknesses. He has put me in touch again with my personal inner motivation. The "why" behind what I am doing. This has supported me to better focus my energy and do my work with more pleasure
Besides an experienced coach Han is also a professional colleague and an experienced business developer. So, next to structure, he also pays attention to and has understanding for content, which I experienced as very nice!

Jeroen Thoolen, Inventive thinker

In a short time Han has managed to let us experience how account management works, with special attention for inter-cultural aspects. His keen and probing questions stimulate reflection and make you aware how one's own behaviour influences the results of one's actions. Han possesses the art of asking questions and that qualifies him as a 'natural coach'.

Robbert L. Vissers, CEO of Foreverlamp Europe

"Foreverlamp is a company that develops, manufactures and markets high quality LED lamps and Luminaries, which are sold world-wide under the Foreverlamp AlessiLux brand. In September 2011, we had a Team Building and Coaching Meeting which was led by Han de Ronde, Owner of Easy Dolphin. Han used the Lumina Spark methodology to facilitate this meeting. The objective of the meeting was to increase the effectiveness of the cooperation between the managers of Foreverlamp Europe.

The Foreverlamp team is highly enthusiastic about the day, as was shown in the results of the questionnaire among all participants. The overall satisfaction score of the questionnaire was 8 out of 10. The satisfaction score of the facilitator of the day (Han de Ronde) was even 8.5!

I personally felt that, Han did a perfect job in firstly creating an atmosphere of safety and trust among the participants and secondly in helping the team to agree on the action points about how each individual and the group as a whole could increase their effectiveness. I have participated in many Team Building and Coaching Sessions with Philips, Mars and Henkel and in comparison with the Sessions that Han organized and facilitated, the Lumina Spark method ranks among the very best.

I can therefore highly recommend Han as facilitator and coach as well as the Lumina Spark methodology."

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